Stephen Stratton

Stephen lives in Maine with his partner, Josh, and their daughter, Birdie. He takes care of Birdie full time and also works as a nanny. When he is not taking care of children or writing, he spends time outside with his family hiking, camping, kayaking and exploring. Stephen identifies as queer and trans masculine, and uses he/him/his pronouns.


3 thoughts on “Stephen Stratton

  1. Your story is amazing to read even if I already basically knew it (I’m a good friend of Diane and Linda, Josh’s moms). You wrote with such eloquence and pride, but most of all love. I’m so happy for both you and Josh and can’t wait till the day I meet you and that wonderful little bundle of joy!

  2. I’m Grandma Sue’s college roommate. I live in Liberty (ME) and currently work with young transgender folks. Your story warms my heart – because of the beautiful telling of your story, and also that it opens yet another window for greater understanding of the meaning of gender. Hope to meet you all some day when it’s right. Sending lots of love! Mariah

  3. What a wonderful choice you have made, to be a parent. Best wishes and lots of love from me. Give that baby a big hug from me.

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